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The Running School Austria

move better - run better - run faster

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As an athlete, you need an environment with the best people around you. Mike is an absolute top Running Technique Specialist. He helped me to recognize my weak points so that I could work on them and become a much better athlete.

Jannis Bonek


The Running School Austria has helped me get rid of my hip pain and at the same time take my running to a new level. To run economically and be faster is probably one of the highest goals of every triathlete.

Carolina Sandhofer


Through the running analysis and the subsequent technique training with Michael, I was able to change my running style from scratch and significantly improve performance and got my chronic knee pain under control.

Bernhard Meyer
Recreational Runner

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Book your biomechanical analysis today!

Biomechanical Analysis (BMA)

Identify your inefficiencies

Suboptimal mechanics can mean abnormal loads on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints, and over time can cause damage and pain as well as a decrease in the speed and efficiency of running. Through a biomechanical analysis of your running technique and your functional movements, we can tell you exactly what needs to be improved, why, and how we can do it together.

Technique training program

Because a BMA is just the beginning

We accompany you every step of the way with our bespoke training program and weekly sessions in which we work on your technique, mobility, strength and coordination to ensure that you achieve your goals.

A BMA is designed as a starting point. Improving running technique doesn't happen overnight. It's learning a skill and it takes time, patience, and work. 

physical therapy

Move better - Live better

With over 17 years Physiotherapy experience working with Sports and Musculoskeletal Injuries, we are here to help you.  We combine our knowledge of biomechanics and movement together with traditional Physiotherapy to ensure rehabilitation exceeds rather than reaches expectation.


Specialist in the foot and ankle

Rebuild your foundation

Problems with the foot and ankle are epidemic and cause pain in the hips, knees and lower back as well as inhibition of athletic performance.  Traditionally treated with more support and orthotics, this only serves to further weaken and stiffen the structure.

Restoring your feet and ankles is critical to strong running and a long, agile life.

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Oberndorfer Str. 17, 3251 Purgstall an der Erlauf, Austria

+43 680 2379239

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