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Identify your inefficiencies

Biomechanical analysis € 100

A biomechanical analysis is a one hour session in which we analyse your running on a treadmill with cameras and computer software to help us identify inefficiencies in your technique.


Then we analyze your movement with a Functional Movement Analysis (FMA) - this examines in more detail how you move each body segment.


With the information from both the running analysis and the FMA, a true picture of customer needs can be determined and then effectively processed by setting realistic goals

Make the change

Analysis and 5  Session program - € 375

Improving running technique doesn't happen overnight. It's learning a skill and it takes time, patience, and repetition.


A combination of technical exercises, activation, strength and flexibility exercises that challenge both mentally and physically are used to make the necessary changes, and make them automatic.

It takes 6-8 weeks for your movement pattern to change permanently.  For some people it can take longer if there are significant problems. For this reason there is only one option of the 6 session schedule, otherwise the results cannot be guaranteed.

*Intensive 2-3hr session and online sessions are available on request for those who have to travel from afar or cannot come to the clinic in person.


The Running School for Children

Analysis € 75
Analysis + training € 325

In a biomechanical  Analysis for Kids, we analyze your child's running technique using video analysis and analyze their movements with our Dynamic Movement Skills®  Analysis of children. This allows us to spot inefficiencies that could lead to injury or prevent your child from moving well and running faster.   

Then, over the course of 5-6 weeks, we'll work on improving movement and technique to get results like the ones you can see below. The sessions are similar in form to the adult sessions, but last 45 minutes instead of 55.


Get in touch with us and have a look  how we can help your child to reduce their risk of injury, improve their performance and get the most out of activities and sports. For children aged 7-12  Year old.

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