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More About The Running School Austria

A professional running and moving  Analysis and retraining program.

Here at The Running School Austria, we work with people who want to improve their running and movement to develop more speed, efficiency and reduce injury risk when competing, training and enjoying an active life.

Many people layer on distance/time/intensity on top of a dysfunctional movement pattern. That means inefficient, harder and slower running/movement.  It also means you are at a high risk of injury.​


No matter how young or old or the level of your running experience, learning the correct technique using our unique coaching methods. will result in increased efficiency, lowered risk of injury and increased speed; making running even more enjoyable.

Meet the team

Proven professional


Certified specialist for running technique
Sports Physiotherapist

Michael Levack

Michael has been a physiotherapist for 17 years and a dedicated running specialist for the past 5 years, having completed extensive training at the Running and Movement School in London. Michael is a real expert in running mechanics and above all an expert in retraining and improving running and movement.  Michael is constantly learning and discovering the most optimal and current methods to restore and improve human movement.

Qualifications and Courses (among many others)

BSc (hons) Physiotherapy - Glasgow Caledonian University

Certified running technique specialist - the running and movement school

Movement and mobility specialist -The  Ready state

Foot Nerd - The Foot Collective

Kinesio taping

Medical acupuncture

Myofascial release

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