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Foot Restoration Kit

Foot Restoration Kit

The Foot Restoration Kit is a set of tools that will help you improve your  To slowly but surely bring your feet back into a more active, mobile and stable base.




2 x Silicon Toe Spreaders (uni-size for adults)

1 x cork ball with  65 mm diameter

2 x cork wedges

Instructions for use


For too long we have ignored our feet and the fact that they move, have to be used and exposed to stimuli rather than a passive part of the body  to be made of flesh and bone in one shoe. The increasing number of foot-related problems and the increasing spread of shoes and orthoses with  even more support and immobility show us that our feet are getting weaker and more inflexible. The solution is not to wear shoes  even more support and even more cushioning, but one  Improving your foot function using the  Foot Restoration Kit and the  associated exercises in the online guide.


Our mission is to create products that help people, but not at the expense of the planet . Thus, all of our products are fully biodegradable and although with care they can last a lifetime, they return to earth to be recycled  to become. The biodegradable packaging is either recycled or reused.



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