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RAMSA cork wedges

RAMSA cork wedges

RAMSA Cork Foot Wedges are a simple but incredibly versatile tool for improving foot and ankle mobility.


Dimensions 100 mm x 40 mm


An immobile foot that cannot rotate and conform to the ground or maintain an active stable base through movement is most common  the result of poor footwear and too much sitting. The instability or immobility of the foot can lead to tightly compensated movement patterns in the ankle, knee, hip and / or lower back  and in these areas  Painful conditions  cause. the  Cork wedges are an invaluable tool for mobilizing an immobile metatarsus through weight-bearing exercises.


Each order contains links to specific exercises for the feet and toes to improve their function and restore optimal foot position.


Our mission is to create products that help people, but not at the expense of the planet . Thus, all of our products are fully biodegradable and although with care they can last a lifetime, they return to earth to be recycled  to become. The biodegradable packaging is either recycled or reused.


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