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RAMSA silicone toe spreader

RAMSA silicone toe spreader

RAMSA Toe Spreaders are a simple, affordable accessory that you can use to restore optimal toe alignment. Think of these as braces that will help restore the natural alignment of your toes.


Natural, healthy human feet have toes that spread apart rather than constantly touching, especially under weight load.


Modern shoes taper to a point on the toes that is the opposite of the shape of the foot. The widest part of a baby's foot is the tip of the toes, and this should also be the widest part of an adult human foot for optimal weight distribution under load. If you spend a lot of time in shoes that are tapered to a point, leaving your toes with too little room, your forefoot can be deformed with far-reaching health consequences.  



100% silicone

  Instructions for use and care instructions are enclosed with every order.

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