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Balance beam 120cm

Balance beam 120cm

These gorgeous Austrian TFC balance beams are  environmentally friendly, as each  Element made from natural materials  is manufactured. The 120 cm long balance beam made of Austrian beech wood is non-slip  Cork brackets fixed to the floor.


Balance beams are a fantastic tool to train or restore your hip stability, ankle and foot mobility, and to raise your body awareness for injury prevention. Check out our videos in the Foot section for ideas on how to improve your balance and follow us on Instagram @runaustria to see your progress and learn more about balance work.




The beams were hand-oiled in two layers, which means that they can be cleaned regularly and easily, even if they are used in a clinical setting.  Care instructions are enclosed with the delivery.



Our mission is to create products that help people, but not at the expense of the planet . Thus, all of our products are fully biodegradable and although with care they can last a lifetime, they return to earth to be recycled  to become. The biodegradable packaging is either recycled or reused.

  • delivery

    The cost of delivering the 120 cm balance beam is relatively high due to its length.

    Please note that delivery for up to 20 kg / 10 Balance Beams takes place at the same price!

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