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The DMS Rehab methodology is a unique and functional approach to rehabilitation with a focus on re-educating the movement patterns interrupted aster injury or surgery. It is progressive from the basic movement re-education to functional neuromotor stimulation, to dynamic movement development.


This system has been designed so you can complete a full analysis in under 15 minutes. It will also give you a benchmark score out of 100 so that you and the client can monitor improvement. Once you have identified the poor movement patterns, you can prescribe the appropriate corrective exercises using your DMS® Rehabilitation Manual & DVD.


What is the DMS® Functional Movement Analysis System?


It is a practical assessment tool to help you, the practitioner, to evaluate the quality of movement patterns of your clients. It consists of a series of nine functional movements that allow you to:

  • Analyse movement dysfunction
  • Identify compensatory movement
  • Identify muscle activation issues
  • Test posterior/anterior chain synchronisation
  • Test firing sequences of the neuromuscular system
  • Identify movement asymmetries


What does it come with?

  • Scoring system and instructions
  • DMS® rehabilitation mat for measurability and consistency of movement
  • Digital Rehabilitation manual with over 100 rehabilitation exercises
  • A digital DVD with video demonstrations of all movements


* DVD and Rehab Manual sent via e-mail in digital form in Englisch*

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